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This is a page for all Dee Roscioli fans! She has performed various roles from Grizabella to Elphaba and we are so proud of her! Dee recently finished as the First National Tour Elphaba, after being with Wicked in Chicago, San Francisco, Broadway, and a previous national tour run. Thank you for supporting Dee!

Check out a short video of Dee Roscioli performing The Wizard and I at the Bushnell Center for Performing Arts tonight! More videos will be updated later!

WICKED- Alison Luff and Gina Beck

I had the privilege of seeing a performance of Wicked’s First National Tour from the front row yesterday with Gina Beck as Glinda and Alison Luff as Elphaba. Both incredible actresses and I hope you all support them! For those who asked, Gina uses a half British-half American accent for Glinda, but she is absolutely adorable and Alison of course brought the house down with an incredible Defying Gravity and Wiz and I.

Request: If anyone has an audio/video of yesterday’s performance, or anything with Gina/Alison together, especially in Providence, would you let me know? Thank you all! (I couldn’t record with the usher standing next to me)

Track: Popular

Artist: Dee Roscioli and Alli Mauzey

Album: Wicked: Broadway 8-9-2009 (Alli's Last)

Alli Mauzey's last Popular from her first Broadway run (8.9.2009) — This is fun! I’m so pretty! This is fun!

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The year in Elphabas - 2013

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We would pay! Hope everyone was able to see Wicked in Chicago! :)

Dee Roscioli sings Let It Go from Disney’s new movie, Frozen!

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Everyone deserves the chance to FLY!

Almost there…


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The lovely Little Miss Sunshine ladies and former Elphabas!

Dee Roscioli and Kristoffer Cusick at the 10th Anniversary Wicked Party


Wicked on Broadway’s 10th Anniversary Gala 

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Name all of the Elphabas you have worked with and describe each in one word.

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I’m the Glinda/Elphaba that…

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