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This is a page for all Dee Roscioli fans! She has performed various roles from Grizabella to Elphaba and we are so proud of her! Dee recently finished as the First National Tour Elphaba, after being with Wicked in Chicago, San Francisco, Broadway, and a previous national tour run. Thank you for supporting Dee!


Broadway Elphabas - Dee Roscioli

Why is the show so popular?
There are so many reasons. Nostalgia for The Wizard of Oz can’t be overlooked. People like fresh and new, and they also like what is familiar, and Wicked manages the impossible by giving us both. Seeing the Wicked Witch of the West as a heroine is fun…and mostly unexpected. You also can’t discount the friendship between Glinda and Elphaba. We all have judged someone mistakenly at some time in our lives. Witnessing the relationship between the girls grow from something ugly into something beautiful is captivating, and at the same time we can identify with it.”
July 21, 2009 - March 21, 2010

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Summer came and went, but fear not, because some very special ladies (and a certain Les Miz revolutionary) are ready to take the stage at the hottest spot in town. From former witches (of both the green and pink variety), to a returning soprano to the queen herself, these acts are sure-to-be nights to remember at 54 Below.

"Straight from the Heart" - 9/30 at 9:30PM
The Wicked alum makes her 54 Below debut this September. Audiences can expect to hear a different side to the actress; instead of belting her brains out as Elphaba, the former green girl will tackle songs by artists including Adele, Grace Potter, One Republic and Stevie Wonder. How’s that for a change of pace? GET TICKETS

With Well Strung - 10/7 & 21 at 9:30PM, 10/14 at 10PM
A Tony-winning songstress and a hunky quartet of string players. Wake up, stop dreaming! What is it about 54 Below? The Broadway vet will team up with Well Strung for an evening of unique takes on tunes from Billy Joel, Johnny Mathis and maybe (just maybe) some Sondheim. GET TICKETS

"All Hail the Queen" - 10/11 at … Be sure to follow and subscribe for daily updates, news, and auditions! Visit
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Here are some photos of Dee in The Gig Musical at NYMF! Credit: Douglas Cohen


Dee Roscioli will be performing at the 54 Below Broadway Supper Club on September 30, 2014 with her concert “Dee Roscioli: Straight from the Heart”

Dee Roscioli takes to the concert stage for her 54 Below debut. Dee will take audiences on an unexpected journey into her life as a performer and an artist. Through an eclectic set of songs by artists such as Adele, Grace Potter, One Republic, Stevie Wonder and many more, she explores what holds her back and how she bursts forth despite the ups and downs. This is an evening of Dee baring it all and singing straight from the heart

“Dee Roscioli soars through songs not only physically but with that astounding voice of hers that knocks out the brassy and softs spots.” –

For more information or to buy tickets, visit: or message us! Spread the word!


Dee Roscioli (Drawing)

Here is a traditional art drawing of the current headshot of Broadway actress, Dee Roscioli. The drawing is 8x11 inches, the first is done in pen and pencil and the second is pencil only.

Dee Roscioli fan art!

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Sending our best wishes to Dee on her birthday!

Here are some photos of Dee rehearsing for the Gig Musical!

Check out the Gig Musical with these three wicked ladies!

Check out this great article/interview with these Wicked alumni about their new show!

deeroscioli Rehearsals for #thegigmusical #NYMF wif me gurl @katefahrner

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Support Dee and fellow Wicked alumni in Gig the Musical!

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Dee Roscioli sings “Defying Gravity” at the Belmont Stakes. Credit: Kyle Luker